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                Offshore Production

                Nalco Champion’s integrated team model provides unmatched onsite support to deepwater and ultra-deepwater operations around the world. With regional product line, application and field support specialists, and a global network of leading scientists and researchers, we begin at your project’s beginning to reduce CAPEX spend and OPEX cost while enhancing production recovery rates.?

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                Offshore Solutions

                Learn how our offshore solutions can help you solve your deepest challenges

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                Offshore Success Stories

                Learn how we solved challenges for our offshore customers

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                Baleen Process Solutions
                Innovative Offshore Water Treatment

                Offshore oil and gas operators encounter daily water treatment challenges that can disrupt operations and make it difficult to comply with regulatory requirements and environmental water discharge standards. Our partnership with Baleen Process Solutions delivers precisely engineered water treatment programs using custom configuration, plug-and-play equipment and highly trained onsite service teams combined with Nalco Champion chemical expertise.

                Production Enhancement
                Production Enhancement
                Nalco Champion’s holistic approach to treating your system maximizes production from new and aging assets. We combine our superior chemistries with onsite experts and monitoring services to increase throughput with cost effective solutions. Streamline your chemical treatment program to lower the cost of operations for the life of your well and keep aging assets producing profitably.
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