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                Expertise & Innovation

                Our cutting-edge technologies and innovative programs, combined with the experience and foresight of the industry’s top scientists and researchers, are transforming the oil and gas industry. Our people make discoveries that enable and enhance your productivity, while reducing operating costs, throughout the upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas value chain. We are where you need us, when you need us, helping oil and gas companies extract more energy with fewer resources.

                Our Global RD&E Capabilities

                Nalco Champion’s RD&E capabilities allow for the development of solutions and services that predict, prevent and solve challenges across the oil and gas life cycle.

                Indexing Innovation

                Nalco Champion is constantly innovating and evolving, pushing the boundaries of research, development and engineering. The vitality index is nice – our operational results are even more impressive.

                Safety is Always First

                Our RD&E efforts reduce complexity, streamline logistics and improve environmental characteristics for drilling and stimulation operations, oil field production and refining, fuel additives and petrochemicals processes.

                Purposeful, Proactive RD&E

                Nalco Champion’s chemical and mechanical innovations are both practical and proactive—
                addressing today’s challenges while anticipating solutions to tomorrow’s.


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