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                CORE Knowledge Sharing

                Solve your business and operational challenges efficiently by drawing on the collective knowledge of our global organization. Through CORE, we provide real-time knowledge sharing structured around specific business functions. The result? Your Nalco Champion representative can access the expertise that yields meaningful, quantifiable value to operations throughout the world—and share that actionable data with you.

                Frequently Asked Questions

                About CORE
                Our Connecting Resources (CORE) knowledge sharing system allows our nearly 7,000 global employees to collaborate and solve our customers’ most complex operational and technical challenges. Whether they’re embedded on a remote platform in the Caspian Sea, working on a wellhead in Argentina or running tests in a lab at one of our 13 technology centers, CORE connects many of the industry’s top minds, resulting in best answers for our customers no matter where they’re operating around the world.

                What is CORE?
                CORE is Nalco Champion’s platform for knowledge sharing, built around global, collaborative networks. Each network is created around a specific function of our business and provides a central location to exchange knowledge or experience with colleagues who may be facing similar challenges.

                What is a network?
                A network is an intranet site that consists of a discussion forum where employees can ask and answer questions, a library that houses best practices and other helpful information and a directory of experts to contact. All of this is searchable for faster access to solutions for our customers.

                What do knowledge sharing and CORE mean?
                Knowledge sharing is seamlessly connecting our resources across geographies and business functions. At the program level, CORE describes the way our networks operate. Core teams of subject matter experts (SMEs) provide the hub of knowledge and support.

                Why is CORE valuable?
                The energy sector has experienced exponential growth over the last decade, resulting in a massive increase in knowledge. CORE allows us to efficiently tap that knowledge by connecting colleagues who face similar challenges and issues and have developed solutions.

                How do I access CORE?
                Contact your sales representative to access CORE knowledge sharing. They can post questions or issues on your behalf and then collect and relay answers to you.

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