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                Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Expertise

                Produce more oil, more efficiently. From product development through field deployment, Nalco Champion helps you unlock your reservoir, increase incremental oil recovery and improve your return on investment in a safe and responsible manner both onshore and offshore. Nalco Champion provides complete customized EOR solutions increasing oil recovery while providing clean water and sellable oil.


                EOR Expertise


                Poor conformance is a problem that plagues many operators of water and EOR floods. Our polymer gel conformance improvement solutions focus on correcting reservoir dominated features to increase sweep efficiency and production when applied on the injection side.


                Waterflooding in heterogeneous reservoirs will lead to bypassed oil. In cases where a dominant high permeability thief zone is severely limiting sweep efficiency, a solution placed in-depth will improve sweep. The BrightWater??technology injects at the viscosity of water and expands with time and temperature, resulting in reduced thief zone permeability deep in the reservoir.

                WATER SHUTOFF

                Excess water production is a common problem in water-drive oil and gas reservoirs resulting in high watercuts and operational expenses. Our polymer gel water shut-off solutions are designed to significantly reduce water production while maintaining or increasing hydrocarbon rates.


                Polymer flooding is a proven EOR technology that increases the viscosity of injected water to improve flood mobility ratio and increase recovery to 5-10% OOIP. The ProviscoTM dry polymer technology is sued for traditional polymer applications and the lightly crossed low dose polymer technology can reduce polymer loading by 60% over traditional floods. The patent-pending ExcelceorTM technology provides targeted delivery of HPAM into the reservoir without shear and injectivity issues, producing more oil, faster.

                Residual oil recovery

                Surfactant polymer (SP) EOR is a technology designed to lower the interfacial tension between oil and water resulting in an incremental recovery of 10-20%. Depending on reservoir conditions, SP can be combined with alkali to help reduce surfactant loadings and improve project economics.? We off a broad portfolio of surfactants that are effective for a wide range of reservoir conditions and water qualities.

                production enhancement

                Unconventional reservoirs are known for low recovery factors and sharp decline curves. Production enhancement (PE) technology is designed to increase oil rate and improve recovery in unconventional, tight, mixed wet to oil-wet reservoirs. Our patent-pending technology alters rock wettability to economically boost oil production rates and increase reserves. This technology can be applied anytime during the lifecycle of the well with increases in estimated ultimate recovery of 25%.

                REFRAC DIVERSION

                In many horizontal well completions, the original fracture treatment leaves behind untapped reserves caused by insufficient reservoir stimulation.? The RevitasealTM?polymer gel system is a fully customizable controlled diversion technique for tarted refrac operations, designed for both open hole and cemented completions.

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