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                Our Safety Culture

                The safety of our associates, customers, and communities is vitally important. From the way we operate, to the products we develop, to how we partner with customers, our goal is zero: zero accidents, zero incidents, and zero environmental releases. At Nalco Champion, safety is more than a metric – it’s a mindset. It’s how we conduct ourselves, every day, everywhere it matters.

                Goal Zero

                Goal Zero is an ongoing initiative at Nalco Champion designed to reinforce our safety culture.

                This global safety program calls on all Nalco Champion employees to strive for zero injuries, illnesses, incidents, and deaths — on the job and at home. Nothing is more important to us than making sure people arrive home safely.

                While striving toward Goal Zero, we have highlighted several aspects and principles supporting safety:

                • Safety Culture. Making safety part of our mindset.?
                • Safety Leadership. Engaging everyone to actively address risks and model the right safety behaviors.?
                • Safety Exposures. Understanding and addressing the safety risks we face on the job and at home.?
                • Safety Systems. Anticipating and mitigating risks through process, design, and administrative controls.

                To reinforce this important program, our SH&E group communicates key topics regularly — including workplace hazards, processes, and personal safety — to our global workforce.
                These messages are designed to keep employees engaged and focused on working safely. Weekly tailgate meetings, monthly safety sessions, quarterly training, a global Safety Champion Network, and annual safety stand-down days reinforce this hands-on, data-driven approach to managing safety risks and driving continuous improvement.

                SH&E Vision and Policy

                Our vision is Goal Zero: the achievement of zero accidents, incidents and environmental releases. Our global SH&E Policy reflects our commitment to providing the resources, processes, facilities, standards, training, discipline and work culture to ensure safe, healthy and environmentally responsible operations.

                CORE Safety Network

                The CORE Safety Network connects our employees to safety, health, environmental and security-related collaboration and information. Active discussion and a library of safety tips, moments and lessons learned give instant access to global expertise on a range of issues, from environmental and field safety to hazardous materials and PPE. By sharing our safety knowledge, we support both a culture of safety excellence and a company-wide goal of zero accidents, incidents and environmental releases.

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