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                3D crudeflex

                Expanding Your View on Crude Unit Operations

                Refineries operate with a high degree of variability. Trying to optimize the desalter and mitigate overhead corrosion with traditional approaches to monitoring can easily miss problems that occur during narrow “event windows” or may only detect problems after significant damage has already been done. The 3D CRUDEFLEX approach provides an enhanced level of system assurance, providing a step change improvement in the refiner’s ability to mitigate and manage specific threats on the crude unit.

                More Information

                The implementation of innovative, state of the art analyzers provide refiners with increased levels of insight that can be used to respond to events in real-time, identifying the root causes of process upsets that would otherwise go unseen. This increased awareness allows refiners to take more proactive measures to manage crude unit threats and allow the safe processing of a more opportunistic crude slate.

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