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                CLEARING, ILLINOIS

                Our plant in Clearing, Illinois, is Ecolab’s largest producer of colloidal silica, a material that touches everything from nanotechnology and LED lights to smartphone screens and metals. But colloidal silica manufacturing is water-intensive. The Clearing plant consumes a quarter of all water used in Ecolab’s manufacturing facilities, more than any other.

                One of the ways that we are reducing water use at Clearing is by reusing process water. As a result, we have been able to expand colloidal silica manufacturing while using less water per ton. In addition, Clearing installed a water reclamation system that takes wastewater from the colloidal process and treats it for reuse. When at full capacity, it is expected to reduce the plant's water use by up to 20 percent.

                The Clearing facility proves that older plants can be just as water-smart as new ones. Customers will be able to learn about these technologies when the Clearing Customer Experience Center opens in 2019.

                EMISSIONS TARGET?


                In late 2018, Ecolab inked a virtual power purchasing agreement (VPPA) with renewable energy producer Clearway, which is constructing a 418-megawatt wind farm in Texas. When the facility opens in 2020, Ecolab will participate in 100 megawatts of that capacity—enough to power 27,000 single family homes for a year.

                The deal is expected to cover 100 percent of Ecolab’s annual electricity use in the United States, and will enable us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent, more than doubling Ecolab’s goal of a 10 percent reduction by 2020.

                85,000 GALLONS A DAY

                GARYVILLE, LOUISIANA

                Ecolab’s plant in Garyville, Louisiana, is our second-largest manufacturing facility by volume and second-largest water user.

                Located on the Mississippi River, it takes in 600,000 to 700,000 gallons of river water a day.

                The plant uses sand filters and continuous backwash technology to purify river water before it can be used in the manufacturing process and discharged back into the Mississippi River. The filters deliver excellent water quality, but in the past, 100 gallons of water per day was required to clean them.

                In 2018, we started reusing the backwash water at the start of the manufacturing process. This reduces the plant’s intake of river water by 85,000 gallons a day.

                The plant also is using less chemistry and saving electricity by running pumps less often.

                REACHING 100% RENEWABLE

                This year, we set an ambitious 2020 goal for our plants in Europe: Ensure that 100 percent of the energy we use comes from renewable sources. And we’re just about there, with 99.4 percent of our electricity now generated by renewables.

                We did this by: investing in more energy-efficient production equipment, moving from incandescent to LED lighting across the region, purchasing renewable energy and installing solar panels.

                Read the 2018 Corporate Sustainability Report to learn how Ecolab is reducing its plastic use.

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